Friday, May 9

On the wheel (and needles)

I am spinning some Wensleydale top in the Botanical colorway and loving it.  It's a very long staple and the spinning seems to go very fast. I'm going to do a 2-ply and make a small shawl out of it (I think!).

I've also got several things on the needles right now.  2 pairs of socks:

Left:  Handspun Forest Trail socks                                                    Right:  Lang Jawoll Magic socks

And the Bartok tunic:

I'm working on the first sleeve, and rather worried about having enough yarn for both sleeves (yike).

I did finish this little patchworkey/stripey sock cozy for the iPad mini. I used a bunch of handspun odds and ends and I'm very happy with it.

I also need to pick up this shawl and get to work on it again:

Hopefully, I'll get a few things finished this month!

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