Thursday, February 13

A Sheep's Fleece

I've been gearing up to buy some fleeces this year, and I took the plunge and got my first one last week!
In the past, I have purchased fleece by the pound (or ounces), and I've bought washed and raw locks from several kinds of sheep.

But this is my first "the whole fleece from one sheep" fleece.  I think I might be hooked already.  Take a look:

This is a Coopworth lamb's fleece, about 5 pounds.  Coopworth is a long wool, with a lovely, defined crimp and high luster. It's not as soft as a fine wool, but it's very strong.  And since this is a lamb's fleece, it's probably a little softer. But look at those could you not love it?

I've washed and flicked a handful of locks, which only took a few minutes.  Here's what they looked like after I washed and flicked them:

I'm also eager to see how they take the dye.  I foresee a lot of flicking in my future!

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