Tuesday, November 12


Wow, it's really looking like autumn around here!  We've got lots (and lots) of leaves in the yard.  The first big raking of the year is looming.  But that's okay...no bugs, no humidity, blue skies and crisp days.  

I finished the second bobbin on the green merino/silk and I'm about to begin playing (ha, I mean plying!).
This has,without a doubt, been one of the most enjoyable spins I've had.  I have absolutely loved watching the colors go by and the fiber is soft, soft, soft but strong - so I can spin pretty thin.  

When I was taking a few pictures of the bobbin, someone else decided to hang out with me.  Mr. Irresistible Face:

We all love fall around here.


  1. Who wouldn't enjoy spinning with that beautiful Autumnal view with that sweet companion? Lovely way to spend some time.

    1. I have to agree....this weather makes me want to spin, spin, spin! And he is a sweet companion, for sure. How are you enjoying your new spinning wheel?


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