Thursday, September 26

Back to Knitting

After severely restricting my knitting and spinning time, in order to give my hand & wrist a chance to heal, I am easing back into my knitting & spinning projects.  I'm not sure I can describe how happy this makes me!

Knitting is one of those things that occupies many places in my life.  I knit when I want to relax.  I knit when I want to be creative.  I knit when I want a challenge, and so on.  So, I really missed my knitting.

Right now, I'm working on these :

L to R :  Socks for J; new sock design; Bartok Tunic; Unwinding Hours Shawl; Summer's Over Scarf
And, since I've had a lot of time to look at Ravelry, knitting books and knitting magazines, I'm considering casting on for these :

L to R:  Marion Tunic, Quaker Yarn Stretcher, Quant
And then after that, these:
Top:  Carp, Autumnal Cardigan
Bottom:  Hiro, Rikke Hat
And that doesn't even count the spinning & weaving projects:)

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