Monday, August 19

It's a Loom

Yep...the fiber-related activity just keeps growing.  We got a rigid heddle loom:

It's a Kromski Harp, purchased from the Woolery.  They have fantastic customer service...we got it in 3 days with free shipping!  We got the 24" model and a stand.

The first little project is what you see there in the picture.  It was supposed to be 2 placemats.  But I believe it's going to be one little table runner.  Jimmy is actually the one who wanted a loom to begin with....but, since it is fiber-related, I fell right in line.  He'll be taking the lead on the weaving front.  We were pretty impressed with ourselves for getting it warped the first time.

I'm patiently (kinda) waiting my turn.

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