Friday, July 26

I Made Soap!

I've been wanting to try my hand at soap making for oh, about twenty years.  I first got interested in it, bought a couple of books, did some studying on it around 1994.  Let's just say my budget was much tighter back then, and of course, the wonder that is today's internet...wasn't.

So, it took a back seat to other things.  And time being what it is...I kinda forgot about it until the last couple of years, as we simplified our diet, our lifestyle, our home.  The timing was right this time...and I proudly present my first bars of soap!

Being a little older (& wiser, I hope), and having more wiggle room in the budget these days, I decided to start simple.  I mean really simple.

I follow FIMBY (which is a great blog, if you don't already know) and Renee has a wonderful video on making simple soap.  She uses a tub of vegetable shortening for her fat, and a cardboard box lined with plastic for her soap mold.  (This is the soap she makes to use as laundry soap.  She doesn't use this as a bathing soap.)

So I bought some lye, a tub of shortening, and a couple of stirring spoons and decided to give it a go.

And there it is...soap.
Of course, now I'm ready to try my hand at a real (to bathe with) bar of soap!  So I've already got some more oils and essential oils on the way.

Check out Fimby's Homemade Soap & Body Care page, it's full of great resources.

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