Friday, June 21

Sketching New England

I had the same experience as this talented lady when it came to sketching on location during our vacation.  I only completed one sketch on site!  Even though it wasn't a "sketching" vacation, i.e. I knew we would be doing a lot (sketching in between), still I thought I'd get a few sketches done on the trip.

But, I have lots (!) of pictures in my head I'm working to get down on sketchbook pages.  It's slow going, though.

I worked on a little journal for a several weeks before we left.  Kind of a planner and sketchbook combo to record all our stops and plans, as well as a few pages just for sketches.

The first pages had our packing lists, itinerary and hotels/inns/camping reservations :

I did a page that showed what our planned route would be.  That ended up getting changed a little bit, but we did see all the stops we had planned on seeing.

I also bought my first Hand Book sketchbook for the trip, and did a cover page before we left.  I'll have a few of those pages next week.

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