Thursday, June 27

Link Roundup

I'm on a bit of a "summer schedule" around here these days.  It's too hot to keep to a tight schedule, don't you think?  So, I'll just be posting a bit sporadically for the next couple of months.  But when September rolls around, I'll have something new to show you.

Meanwhile, the wonderful things around this ol' world just continue to enchant me...

I love this little print in two of my favorite colors.

I'm finally (finally!) gearing up to try my hand at soapmaking.  I'm gathering supplies and tools, and this summer, I'm gonna do it!

All-wood speaker for your iphone/ipod...yes, please.

Lemon pudding cakes.  Yeah.  And in little wide mouth half-pint mason jars, no less.

And I'm slightly in love with the look of this room (except for the bat thing...that just grosses me out).  Very Goodbye Girl-ish (anybody remember that movie?)

And for a "look" of summer, take a look at Katie Daisy's pins on Pinterest.

Happy Summer!!

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