Tuesday, May 21

On My Bookshelf : Drawing From Within

Drawing from Within by Nick Meglin and Diane Meglin

I bought this book on a whim after reading the preface and introduction on Amazon.  Am I ever happy I did!  This book just gets better and better with each chapter.  If you're looking for a traditional how-to book, this isn't it.  But if you're ready to discover your own voice with your art, buy this book right now.

Drawing from Within is about the sheer pleasure and joy of drawing.  How it makes you feel.  How it makes you feel.  Nick Meglin does a fantastic job of coaching as he gets you to look at yourself, your drawing and what makes you draw.

And if you need a push to get into your sketchbook more often (like, everyday) you will absolutely find it here.  As he says in the book,"your own sketchbook is your teacher."

A few of my favorite quotes (and it was hard to narrow it down - I could've quoted entire pages!) :

"It isn't possible to teach anyone how to draw.  Drawing is self-taught."

"It's fun to draw.  Let each drawing be just that!"

"To spend time observing, without drawing, thinking, without drawing, or feeling, without drawing, is the misfortune of nonartists."

"There are no mistakes, just lines you're not happy with."

"Draw, don't make a drawing."

"What you can achieve is a sincere, personal artistic response to visual stimulation.  That's worth aspiring to because you're capable of achieving your goal with every drawing you make."

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