Saturday, March 23

Feedly : My New Feed Reader

You've probably heard that Google Reader is going away as of July 1st.  When I first read that message, I was crushed!  I love Google Reader and I use it to read a long list of blogs, which I also categorize and tag pretty heavily.  And I have some followers of my own blog through Google Reader.  I was not amused at the thought of having to find a new reader and set up all that stuff again.

Enter new reader, and my newest favorite thing!  Feedly is fabulous.
I've been using it for a week now, and I couldn't be happier.  (See me smiling brightly here)

Not only is Feedly a simple transfer from Google Reader, it imported all my blogs and my categories and tags.  Yah!

But it's even better than Google Reader.  It's cleaner and more beautifully designed.  You can customize the color of the background, what sidebar feeds you want to show, and how you want your feeds to appear (titles only, cards, full articles, magazine style or mosaic).  I chose the cards view, which gives a little preview of the post and a picture.

A couple of the blogs I read have done posts about Feedly :  Brandi Girl Blog, and Going Home to Roost.

Do you use a feed reader?  

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  1. Oh no :( I guess I'll have to look out for a new reader, too. I'll keep your recommendation in mind.


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