Wednesday, March 27

An Illustrated Journey

I got Danny Gregory's newest book, An Illustrated Journey, a couple of weeks ago and I've been reading it a little bit at a time.  It's fascinating to read about different artists' process, tools and thoughts.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  What artist doesn't love to read what other artist's use and their process?

There are 34 artist's sketchbooks presented in the book with a wide variety of styles, so there is something for everybody.  I don't think you can read this book and not want to go out sketching right away!  It's just so inspiring.  I'm always itching to pick up my sketchbook and pen after I read it.

It's interesting to me, as someone who hasn't always drawn, how many of the artists say, "I've always drawn, since I was a child..." or something similar.  There are a few who have only been drawing for a few years, but not many.  And some drew as children and then stopped for years, before picking it back up.

I also love how many of the artist's say that sketching imprints a scene or place in their mind in a way that no photograph every could.  Drawing something makes you really stop and "see".  I find this is true for me, too. When I look through my sketchbooks, I can remember exactly where and when I made that sketch.  What I was thinking and feeling, or even smelling!  It's a great way to capture a moment in time.

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  1. LOVE this book... (and Danny Gregory!) Enjoy it and let it inspire you to keep drawing/sketching/painting. xox


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