Monday, February 18

Resources : Learning to Draw

I've had drawing and sketching on the brain a lot these days.  I'm really focused on improving my drawing skills.  That means I spend a good bit of time looking for resources, inspiration and things to help me.  There's a world of stuff out there, but here a few that I've used and enjoyed lately:

Besides being wonderful inspiration, blogs are a great place to see tutorials, videos and pick up pointers on the finer points of drawing and sketching.  A few I've really spent some time on lately are :
Hogwash and Nonsense - The blog of Lisa Anchin, a Children's Book Illustrator.  I love her characters and the traditional process she uses.
Gurney Journey - James Gurney's blog fantastical.  Talk about a treasure trove of information!

There are tons of e-courses you can take to improve your drawing skills.  I haven't done this...yet, but here are a couple I'm very tempted by.
Imaginary Trips - Italy or Paris with Laure Ferlita
Sketchbook Delight with Alisa Burke

Daily Practice
I subscribe to a daily email prompt here.  She sends a word each day to jumpstart your imagination.

Do you have a favorite resource?


  1. Lovely journal pages..
    I love Danny Gregory, Andrea Joseph's sketchblog and Hannah Hinchman.

    Sara Midda's South of France sketchbook is my all time favorite sketchbook. Hannah Hinchman's ~ A trail through leaves ~ is a lovely book too.

    1. Love Danny Gregory as well, and I'm a huge fan of Andrea Joseph. I used to have Sara Midda's In & Out of the Garden, but I don't know what I've done with it. I've not heard of Hannah Hinchman....must go look her up right now!

  2. This is a beautiful watercolor sketch!! i love your lettering too. It all feels very easy and comfortable to me. xox

    1. Thank you! I did this very quickly one evening, just sketching. But it turned out very well!

  3. I came here via APR (cute books, by the way!) But I had to tell you how much I love your palette sketch. The colors and gentle lines are so soothing. It makes me want to buy some watercolors!!

    1. Aw, thank you! Well, I have to say seeing other people's sketches of their palettes made me buy mine! :)


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