Friday, February 22

A Map for Drawing

I sketch/draw everyday.  Sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes just 5 minutes.  But I've tried to not skip a day since the new year began.  I try to remember that the best way to improve is to just keep going.  Keep drawing, keep practicing.  It really is like a muscle - if you don't use it regularly, you lose it!

The thing I need to focus on more is drawing with a plan.  Most of the time, I just sit down and draw what I see around me, or something in my head.  Which sometimes means that I just draw the same stuff over and over, and sometimes I'm kinda stumped on what to draw.  But that's not getting me very far down the road.  I need a map.

Making a Creative Road Map
Maps are great for getting you from where you are to where you want to be.  And the great thing is you don't have to take the interstate, you can take the scenic route with interesting stops along the way...little diversions to keep it fun and interesting.  But if you follow the map, you still end up at the destination!

Where are you going?
You need a destination.  Somewhere you want to end up.  For me, it may be to do a series of related drawings, or to draw a certain place or buildings in a way that satisfies me.  It could be an idea to bring to reality, an increase in sales, or to have less on your plate instead of more.  But you need that destination before you can plan your route.

What route will you take?
Here's where the fun begins.  How will you get there?  A straight shot at full speed?  A scenic byway with some beautiful scenery?  A back roads meander with lots of stops and detours?  It's up to you.  I want to be at my destination in 3-4 months, so I'm planning a scenic byway kind of journey.  I want to be steadily moving forward, but I don't want to kill myself...and I want to enjoy the journey!
How long is the trip?
You have to arrive at some point, so you'll need a calendar or timeline.  We're planning a trip to New England in the late spring/early summer, so I'd like to have my sketching chops well sharpened by then.  That gives me 3-4 months to get to this destination.

Go On The Road Trip
Road trips are great, you're going somewhere fun with fun stops along the way.  You'll see interesting stuff, get souvenirs and momentos, have good experiences and meet new people.

I'll be working on my roadmap for my goal of improved drawing skills over the next week or so, so hopefully I'll be showing it to you soon!

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