Monday, November 19

It's looking like Thanksgiving

Flickr Mosaic : Thanksgiving Season
1. Table laid out for dinner, 2. Pumpkin pie, 3. More fall leaves..., 4. Squirrel, 5. Thanksgiving Turkey, 6. Red apples in a basket, 7. Acorns on tree, 8. The Overlook Hotel MOD Wool Throw, 9. fall leaves, 10. Maisy Day Handspun Shimmy, 11. Pumpkins, 12. Ready to be gifted., 13. Candle

I'm a big fan of Thanksgiving.  You get great food and colder weather, without all the stress and commercialism of our modern-day Christmas season.  (Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas.  But it's definitely not as restful as Thanksgiving).  There's not a lot of expectation associated with Thanksgiving, and I think that's great.

And what's not to love about fall leaves, acorns, turkeys, pumpkins, apples, candles and wool?

Do you have a favorite holiday?


  1. I love them both -- Thanksgiving and Christmas. If I had to pick one ... it would be Christmas!

    This year, I've decided to make them both restful and I'm sticking to my guns! LOLOL!

  2. That medley of photos sums up all the reasons Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, too!!! Wishing you the happiest of holidays!!!


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