Friday, November 16

Friday Favorites : Fire

Before we moved into our current house, I never really gave much thought to a fireplace or having a fire.  But since the house came with a big fireplace, we used it.  Now I can't imagine having a house without at least one fireplace.  We love to have a fire in the evenings, especially.  Our fireplace has an insert that has a blower on it, so we can use it warm the front half of the house.

Most people I talk to seem to think dealing with the wood is a chore, but we enjoy it.  You really can't beat the sound of a crackling wood fire.

And, what's better than a campfire on a cool evening?  We'll be doing some car camping in New England next spring, and we're looking forward to the campfires and roasting marshmallows!

Do you enjoy a wood fire?


  1. wood fires are THE BEST, but sadly, we have to settle for a gas log still keeps us warm, it's actually a pretty "good" looking one, so we get the --look---but I miss the smell, and the crackling sound. Lucky lucky you!!! Love the photos!

  2. Your photos make me want to stick to my guns of making a fireplace in my future home a must have!

    Beautiful photos.


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