Wednesday, October 10

On the Wheel

I finished the Shetland singles, and ahem, I haven't quite gotten around to combing enough llama to start on the other ply. Whoops.  So, in the interim, this :

80 Rambouillet/20 Mohair Roving with a LOT of VM

This is 2 ounces of Ramboullet/Mohair that's been curing in the stash for a while.  So I pulled it out and threw it on the wheel while I comb llama.  Really...I need to be combing llama.

This is my first time spinning mohair, even though I've knit with it a few times.  It feels a little "sticky" for lack of a better word.  (I kind of remember the same feeling when I knit with Kidsilk Haze yarn.)  But, ooh it's shiny!

What I'm not enjoying is the amount of VM in this roving.  I'm constantly stopping my wheel to pick out a piece of hay or grass.  I am a bit further along than the picture shows, so I should be done with it soon. 

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