Friday, September 28

A Little Fall Excursion

Photo Credit : Kay Gaensier

We're planning a little getaway in a few weeks to Northwest Arkansas.  We usually take our vacation in October.  But this year, we went to Florida back in July as part of my husband's parents 60th anniversary celebration.  So we won't be taking a grand vacation this fall, but it's always nice to just get away for a few days.

We're planning to visit Crystal Bridges, in Northwest Arkansas.  It's big news around these parts, and we enjoy art and hiking.  So we thought we'd check it out.  Probably a little time in Eureka Springs, as well.  And who knows what else....

Of course, I'll be making a couple of yarn stops.  I've been looking at the yarn shops in the area and have found a couple I'm excited to visit.  Yarn shops aren't as plentiful in the south as they are in other parts of the country, so it's always interesting to be someplace where there is more than one every 100 miles!

Mockingbird Moon
This looks like a great little yarn shop!  I'm intrigued by the great photo on the web site, and they appear to have a nice selection of yarns.  If anyone has been here, I'd love to hear your reviews.

The Rabbit's Lair
This is a combo fabric & yarn shop.  It's fall, so I'm all about the yarn right now, but I never turn down looking at nice fabric.

Handheld Knitting
This looks like another great little shop.  They have a nice variety listed on their website, and the pictures indicate it's a good sized shop.

By the way, have you used KnitMap?  I've been using this resource for a few years when we travel, and it's great.  You can plug in the area your heading to, or even heading through, and it'll bring up all the yarn shops in that area.  You can click and get detailed info and oftentimes comments and reviews from folks who've been to the shop.

Now, let's just hope for some true autumn (read : cool) weather for the trip!

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