Saturday, June 2


Brown Board at Pinterest
My celebration of Brown on Pinterest

I love brown!

Oh, I love other colors:  yellow, white, orange, green, touches of black.  And I have crushes with pink, lavender, salmon, peach, aqua and red.  You know.  But I love brown...always.  I never get tired of it.  It never seems to dark or too light.  Too new or too old.  Too trendy or too traditional.  It's always just right, at least to my mind.  Surely there are others that feel this way, maybe not even about brown, but about another color?
Yellow comes in a close second for me.

That might help explain why you'll be seeing a lot of brown and yellow around here as time goes by.  Oh, I'm sure I'll flirt with other colors and have a fling or two with them.  But brown is my steady guy.  I love him.

And it goes with everything.

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