Sunday, August 28


I recently finished up a braid of Polwarth from Corgi Hill Farm in the Winter Steppes colorway.  I enjoyed the spinning, it's a very soft wool with a good staple length for a beginner like me.  After I got it plied I wound it off on my niddy noddy...and fell in love.

I mean it was pretty while I was spinning it.  I liked the soft colors and the subtle changes.  I liked all the blue when I was plying it.  But when I got it skeined, it turned into a spectacular yarn.  Does this happen to everybody?  I'm amazed at how it looked quite different at each stage.  (Unfortunately, I have no plying you'll just have to imagine it on the bobbin.)

It immediately reminded me of the colors we used in our wedding:  periwinkle blues, sky blues, whites, creams and light khaki accents.  Therefore, it is currently named "wedding day".

Spinning is fun!

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