Friday, January 14

Spinner in Training

I'm spinning just about every day, at least a little bit.  And I'm feeling pretty comfortable with Lucy (my Ladybug).  My latest mini-skein was the last of a little fiber I'd handpainted a few months ago in reds, purples and plums.  I didn't have much, so I thought it would be good to try navajo plying.  I spun it about as fine as I could get it and then gave it a go.

I watched this video on YouTube, which was a great help in "seeing" what you're supposed to be doing.  I had a tiny practice try on some Lincoln/Mohair mix...not the greatest for navajo ply, but it gave me a chance to just try out the motions and get the rhythm of the whole thing.

Then I plied the red/purple/plum (corriedale, I think) and it went pretty well.  I was fairly pleased with the chains and the overall consistency of the yarn.  It feels like yarn!  I got about 35 yards of a worsted weight. 

Spinnning on....

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