Thursday, July 7

Blue and Green

Lately, I've really been drawn to watery blues and olive greens. It probably has a little something to do with the amount of heat we've already endured this summer. It's been hot and muggy...I mean hot and muggy, blech.

But I've also apparently got a fondness for cool, watery colors, as evidenced by the number of colorways I have that include those two colors...who knew?

Row 1: Reverie, Riesling, Clover, Scarborough Fair
Row 2: Picholine, April Showers, Calypso, Rainfall
Row 3: Morning, Bluebird, Monhegan, Sea Glass
Row 4: Mountain Air, Deep Waters, Tidepool, Pacific

Really, I try not to overthink my color choices when it comes to dyeing up yarn and fiber. I just try things I think would be pretty. Then I hope others will think they are pretty, too. Most of the time that works out all right.

But I can tell you, I'm definitely thinking about knitting with a soft, cool blue this summer!

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