Monday, July 18

Planner World

I recently bought myself a new "planner" in an attempt to reduce paper clutter, and to stop using my sketchbook to make notes and lists. I'd rather have sketches in my sketchbook, not to do lists.

For the past couple of years, I've purchased a yearly personal size calendar. But it wasn't working well for me, since I make lots of lists and project notes based on what's on my calendar. So I thought a Dayrunner or Filofax type planner might work better, since you can configure them the way you want. You also have the ability to add custom sections for notes, projects, etc.  Boy, do you ever.

Something happened to the world of planners since I've been hanging out in "Robindale" (my own little world), as Jimmy likes to call it. Do you know about this?

Not only can you buy any color, design and size. But the things (and I mean lots of things) that you can put in your planner are a whole, huge industry. You can watch oodles of videos on YouTube of people showing you how they set up and decorate their planners. Yes, really.

I didn't know about any of this.

You can buy custom printable inserts of all kinds, dividers, "dashboards", and a myriad of cards, washi tape, paper clips, and other doo dads to make your planner uniquely yours.  You can even get craft folios to hold all the stuff for your planner.

My little planner (above and top) is from Webster's Pages. It's a Color Crush personal planner in Natural. And yes, I've done a wee bit of "decorating". I bought a small pack of Project Life journal cards and some washi tape, but that's about it. I do like the silver makes me smile. But I really like having all my lists and notes in one place.

Plan on....!

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