Monday, March 3

A Year of Knitting - February Review

Well, another month has come and gone!  I cannot believe it is already March.  However, there was knitting accomplished.

I finished a pair of mittens for Jimmy:

These are out of the Mork handspun I did a few months ago.  They turned out exactly as I had them pictured in my mind, and they are so lightweight...great!  I'm working on the pair for myself now, so they should be done at the end of this month.

I'm almost finished with a pair of handspun socks for me:

This is the first sock above.  I'm almost to the toe on the second sock.

Although I'm so very close, I'm not quite finished with the Lillia Hyrna Shawl:

I'm a few rows from finishing the next to last chart.  Then the last chart and bind off...and done! It should definitely be a March finish.

I picked up the Bartok Tunic sweater again, and did a little work on it.  I'm close to starting the first sleeve:

I also started and finished a little handspun pouch for a project I'm working on, so I can't show it to you right now.  But trust's real cute.  And you can never have too many pouches, I say.

So, here's the updated sketch with a couple more dabs of color added in:

There's still a lot of white space there...I better get busy!

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