Thursday, November 17

a little podcast love

Knitting video podcasts are everywhere these days, aren't they? It seems like they are the new "influence bloggers" in the knitting world. Which is great, since prepping, skeining, re-skeining, labeling, measuring and fluffing fiber and all those other little tasks that go with running a yarn business take a some time. And how better to pass the time than with some podcasts?

While I'm not the podcast watching expert that others may be (I know there are tons I haven't watched or even heard of), I've got a few current faves:

The Gentle Knitter
This is a new podcast for me, and it may be my favorite. It's hosted by Nicole who lives in Ottawa, Canada and boy, she does some serious knitting. She does quite a bit of sample knitting for some major designers, which is interesting to hear about. She also spins and has a dog, so you know...yay! Nicole's aesthetic and project choices are right up my alley. She likes "quiet things" and soft colors. A definite must watch for me.

By the Lakeside
This is also a new podcast for me, and it's another Canadian gal. Sandy lives by the lake near Toronto and knits, sews and does crafty things. What hooked me here, besides her lovely demeanor and interesting projects, was her love of planners, journals, sketchbooks and paper. I'm a paper, planner and sketchbook lover too, so this was a happy discovery.

Grocery Girls
I'm guessing most podcast-watching knitters out there already know about Jodi & Tracie of the Grocery Girls, but you never know. These girls are just fun. They remind me so much of my aunts, and the crazy good times we would have just hanging out, shopping, and eating. If by some chance, you haven't seen them yet...go watch. You'll smile.

Suburban Stitcher
I've been watching Dianne for a while now, and I'm constantly amazed at the amount of knitting that comes off her needles. For someone who's running a business, raising kids and you know... generally living a life, you would think she knits 24/7.  Sock knitter extraordinaire, shawl knitter and frequent enabler of "lovelies", she's definitely worth watching.

Do you have a favorite podcast?

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