Thursday, August 4

10 Ways to Use Up Your Scrap Yarn

Just about everyone who knits has some scrap yarn. It's kind of inevitable. So, eventually, you're going to have some kind of collection of scraps. Maybe you have a small collection. Maybe you have a big collection.

The big thing these days is making a sock yarn blanket. And I admit, it's a great way to use up scrap yarn, especially fingering weight yarn. I've cast on one for myself. But maybe you don't want to knit a blanket. Then this is just for you!

Here are 10 ways to use your scraps without knitting a blanket:

1. Tiny things

Small things can be a great way to use up assorted scraps, and they can even have a purpose. Like this Advent Garland of little mittens. Or little stockings. It's never too soon to start knitting for the holidays.

2. Stripes

A striped hat. A striped scarf. Or socks. Or more socks. Stripes are a great way to use up bits of different yarn in an intentional way.

3. Pouches

I love little pouches, and even not so little pouches. Fancy pouches, and plain pouches.

4. Knitted Jewelry

There are lots of jewelry options that don't use very much yarn, including necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even ponytail holders.

5. Baby Things

Since babies tend to be small, they don't need much yarn to cover them. Knit some booties, some stinkin' cute overalls, or even a stripey sweater.

6. Legwarmers

How can you not love stripey legwarmers? Seriously. Too stinkin' cute.

7. Housekeeping

Things for housekeeping, such as dishcloths, scrubbies, rubber glove toppers. Even dryer balls.

8. Animals

There are a world of little knitted animals out there. Like owls, mice, sheep,

9. Cozies

Not just coffee cup cozies. There are clock cozies, Plant cozies. Even cozies for your yarn.

10. Pet Projects

Knit your pup a bone. Or a sweater. If you really want to make your cat regret it knows you, knit it a mane.

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