Tuesday, January 6

Hello, January

My Tour de Fleece project finally got finished just before the new year!

This week kicks off my new routine working full time on October House Fiber Arts. It's been a while since I went through the process of establishing a new daily routine, so I'm sure I'll be trying different things and tweaking my schedule as I go through January. Even that is exciting!

I have always loved January. It seems so quiet and peaceful, especially after the hullabaloo of the holidays. It's sort of like an invitation to snuggle under the blankets and daydream. Sip tea and make plans. Rest and read.

While there will be plenty of that, I've also got a fiber show to get ready for, as well as a few new things for the shop. So, let's go!

On a spinning-just-for-me note, I just barely finished my TdF project (from July, people) before the new year began. But, I did finish it, and I've got 912 yards of beautifully squishy, soft polwarth 2-ply ready to turn into a sweater.

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