Friday, June 6

A Year of Knitting - May Review

I'm afraid May is sort of the same story as April was, at least as far as finished objects go.  Only one to report. But, I did quite a bit more in-progress knitting this month, and I'm getting close to finishing a few things.

But first...the finished object was the little patchwork pouch I made for my iPad mini:

It works perfectly - keeps it clean and adds a little padding. And it makes me happy to look at it, since it's made from leftover handspun.

I'm still working on 2 pairs of socks for Jimmy.  The Magic socks and this pair of handspun socks for him.

The Bartok Tunic is coming along, now that I've been giving it some regular attention.  I'm on the first sleeve, and I ordered 2 more balls of the yarn, just in case.  The dye lot is a slightly different, but I'm figuring if I need to use it on the sleeves, it won't be as noticeable.

So just a wee little addition to the sketch this month, but every little bit counts, right!?

1 comment:

  1. Yes it does! I'm 4 rounds away from catching up on my mood blanket installments. We just have to keep at it!


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