Tuesday, May 7

Knitting : Straw Scarf

When I picked up the yarn for the baby sweater I'm working on, this beautiful yarn called to me :

I hadn't planned on buying any other yarn, except for the baby sweater.  Well, you know how that goes!
The colors in this yarn are "me" to a T.  And it is soooo soft and silky feeling.  I immediately thought of making a scarf, something lacy and drapey.

So, I've been searching ravelry and I've come up with a few ideas (see pic below).  We'll be doing some traveling at the end of the month, and this would make great travel knitting.  I've also considered just picking a favorite lacy stitch pattern from one of my stitch dictionaries and casting on!

The yarn is by Prism, Delicato Layers in the color Straw.  It's 630 yards of 100% tencel, lace weight.
I've never used a 100% tencel yarn before, but I'm already in love with the color and feel of it!

Do you have any suggestions for a scarf pattern that's drapey?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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