Saturday, December 8

Gift Guide : For the Spinner

A Simple Christmas for the Handspinner :

Row 1 :  All spinners love more fiber, from Julie Spins.  Beautiful Superwash BFL .
Row 2 :  Crown Mountain Fiber Club, Schacht Handcards
Row 3 :  Three Bags Full DVD, Finnsheep Wool Locks, The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook

Spinners love to spin, and that requires fiber to spin with.  You really cannot go wrong buying some fiber for your spinner.  Outside of that, books and videos about spinning are always welcome.  The one shown above is by Judith MacKenzie, an excellent teacher, who recently lost her studio to a fire.  If your spinner enjoys preparing fiber, you might consider handcards, combs, or a drumcarder.

And if you're really thinking large, how about a sheep?  Or a flock? :)

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