Friday, December 7

A Simple Christmas : Natural Gifts

We lean toward the un-slick, the natural, the low-tech.  Give me a good wood cutting board and a sharp knife over another kitchen gadget any day.  I actually saw a "cupcake maker" in a store the other day.  I thought "I have one of's called an oven."  I've never understood why people buy rice steamers, bread machines, sandwich makers....cupcake makers:)  My stove/oven do all of those things.

Not being a "gadget" gal, I love natural things.  I like using them, wearing them, smelling them, and decorating with them.  And the bonus?  Most of these are from small businesses, so you're supporting small, local, sustainable business.

Row 1:  Cherry wood salt cellar & spoon; Handthrown ceramic coffee mug
Row 2:  Organic wool felt dryer balls; Organic soap sampler pack; Linen photo album
Row 3:  Organic natural wood baby rattle; Organic Body Care Recipes book; DIY Moss Terrarium Kit

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