Friday, March 30

Let the plying begin

Finally...finished the blue bfl singles, and I am ready to ply.  I haven't done a 3-ply since I got my new kate, so I'm anxious to try it out.  (One singles is still on the wheel at the moment in the pic above).  Hopefully, it'll be a more manageable affair than the last time, which used a cardboard box and wooden planter!  These 80 degree days are not helping with the spinning...especially wool.  My hands get warm and sweaty, which doesn't help my drafting.
Ajuga - it always makes me happy to see it popping up around the yard...very perky.
But it is nice to see spring.  I just hope it sticks around for a while and doesn't blast right into summer.  We had such a mild winter, I'm afraid it's going to be 150 degrees in July!

The senior dog is already sleeping near the air conditioning March.  Yikes.

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