Wednesday, June 7

stitching and stitching

I'm still working away on my Cloud Burst Cardigan that I showed back in March (It's further along than the picture shows). It doesn't get everyday love, but I do try to put in a few rows every other day or so. I would probably be a little farther along on it if it weren't for the siren call of the cross stitch, which has taken over my prime stitching time.

I am about to cast on a pair of socks with my Whisperings Mini-Skein set. I've wanted to make a pair of socks out of that since I came up with the colorway. I think it's going to be a vanilla type of striped sock, and I'll probably do a free pattern for it once they're done.

I've got a couple of other things coming up that I'm pretty excited about, but they are still in process in the background. But hopefully in a few weeks I'll have something to share:)

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