Thursday, March 9

getting ready

Fiber Festival season is fast approaching, and we are in full swing preparing for the 2 shows that we are participating in this April. The dye pots are going full time and the skein winder is smoking!

We'll be at DFW Fiber Fest in Irving, Texas from April 6-9 (Thursday - Sunday). This is our third year attending, and it's always a huge blast. I love meeting everybody and drooling over all the yummy yarn everybody makes. It'll be a little bit odd this year because that is also Masters week this year. Jimmy and I are both huge golf fans, so there may be some surreptitious viewing on the iPad come Sunday afternoon:)

We'll also be returning to Kansas City, Missouri for PLY Away 2 a couple of weeks later - April 27-29 (the retreat actually begins on the 25th, but the vendor hall doesn't open until the 27th). We had the best time at the inaugural PLY Away last year, and I was really excited to be invited to come back. Jacey, Levi and the whole gang did an exceptional job hosting their first spinning retreat. I'm not sure how it could be better, but I bet there will be some good surprises in store this year.

Those are the only 2 shows we are doing this year, because we have a busy summer of house renovations and remodeling planned. I'm not really looking forward to it, but it's got to be done. Then in the fall, we'll be taking an anniversary trip we've been talking about for a while.

I'm also looking forward to giving our online shop my full attention for a while. I've got gobs of ideas that I'm raring to put into play, but there hasn't been time for them this past year.

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