Thursday, December 4

Link Roundup

  • These Pixelated Palms fingerless mitts are making me smile. I bet they would be a great way to use up leftovers from another project...or...handy little mini-skein yarn sets. I can think of endless color combinations:)

  • As a dedicated fan of Bonnie Sennott, one of her newest patterns is on my radar...Fee-bee mitts. About the name, she writes..." 'Fee-bee' is a song of the chickadee, the state bird of Massachusetts, where I live. The lace pattern on the cuff of the mitts reminded me of bird tracks in snow, so I decided to name the mitts after the cheery, inquisitive chickadees who visit my bird feeders and bring me joy all winter long."

  • I've been dreaming about cables and cabled sweaters lately, and this one - Shakespeare in Love - by Carol Sunday is making me happy.

  • If you're a DPN sort of person, this little storage container would probably make you very happy. I love it, except I'm not really a black-and-red person. 

  • And, if you love hexagons and little pouches as much as I do, you'll love these.

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