Tuesday, July 8


We are underway with the spinning for Tour de Fleece!  I got a very slow start on Saturday, the first day of the tour. We had to make a flying trip to Jackson, Tennessee and back. Let me tell you, a 13-hour car trip does not make one want to sit and spin.  Mostly the sitting. I was done with the sitting for sure.

But, Sunday dawned clear and bright with a pile of fiber waiting to turn into yarn.

I actually do better at spinning through the week than I do on weekends. We tend to be up, out and doing stuff on the weekends. But through the week, I've always got a couple of hours in the evening to work on whatever project I want - knitting, spinning, etc.

My goal is to spin about 16 ounces of fiber during the TdF.  We shall see if I'm delusional or not as we go along.  That'll be fun, won't it?

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