Wednesday, February 13

Knitting with Handspun : Small Project Ideas

Handspun yarn

Ever since I finished knitting this, I've been hankering to knit with some of my handspun.  But I'm looking for quick and simple, so I went pattern searching!

Ravelry makes it so easy to find patterns, I found quite a few!  Here's a roundup of what I think would be some good handspun knitting projects :

Top Row : Citron, Favorite Scarf Ever, Simple Ribbed Cowl, Romney Kerchief, Shilling, Zilver
Bottom Row : Sundance Makeup Bag, Malabrigo Loafers, To Eyre, Arbutus, Recipe of the Month, Galloway Mitts
(yes, I snuck one of my own patterns in there :)

Don't be surprised to see one of these cast on in the near future!


  1. Thanks for this post Robin! This is always something I struggle with - finding patterns to show off the awesome colors and personality of handspun, without being too boring or basic of a pattern. I've added some of these to my favorites with handspun in mind. :)

  2. Absolutely...I always enjoy it when people point out patterns I might not have seen or thought about for a particular yarn or whatnot.

  3. Great round up!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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