Monday, November 26

On the Wheel : Tiger

Well, I yanked the Ramboulliet off the wheel...and here is what I put on :

Much, much nicer.  Really, I need nice, smooth, in-my-comfort-zone spinning right now.  (No point in trying to do something difficult during the holiday season.)  And this should do the trick.  It's by Counting Sheep Farm in the colorway "Tiger."  100% Merino.  Very lovely.

I'm planning to do a 3-ply with it.  So, I'm thinking probably a hat or cowl...something nice, squooshy and soft.

And to keep with the autumnal colors, here's a pair of socks I'm working on in spare moments :

It's kind of my opinion that you can't have too many pairs of gold socks...right?

1 comment:

  1. I sooooo agree! What a lovely spinning wheel! Just what I need....another compulsion!!!


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