Monday, October 8

Join the Roost Tribe!

If you're looking to grow your blog (like me) and just generally make it a prettier, more functional and happy place to be...then the Roost Tribe is for you!

For the price of a gourmet coffee, you get all this :

Bonnie of Going Home to Roost is a super talented, super sweet blogger who wants to share her skills and expertise with you.  I discovered her blog earlier this year and spent several enjoyable weeks reading through it.  I was inspired!  So when she announced she was starting the Roost Tribe...I jumped.  I've already gotten a beautiful print in the (snail)'s currently on my inspiration board above my computer.  Not to mention, beautiful backgrounds and repeating patterns, tutorials, recipes and more!  All for only $5 a month.

So what are you waiting for...jump over and take a look, then join the Tribe!

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