Wednesday, September 12

Kitchener Stitch : Simple Steps Card

Since I am a die-hard cuff-down sock knitter, I do a fair amount of grafting for my sock toes.  I've gotten pretty nimble at kitchener stitch, but it always makes me feel more confident to have a little reminder/cheat sheet card by me as I work the stitches.

I used to have just a plain typewritten note on a folded scrap of paper.  But then I thought, "Hey, I could make something cuter and better looking (and less shabby) than this.  And while I'm at it, why not make it a little more durable by laminating it?"  So I did.  And I want you to have some too, because really, it's a nifty little tool.  Bonus: it takes up almost no extra room in your knitting bag/kit/tin what-have-you.

Download your free copy of the Kitchener Stitch Simple Steps Card here.  It's a PDF file. And if you have access to a laminator, you can laminate a few of them and put one in every knitting bag, basket, pouch, tin, table, etc. you might ever use.  But even if you don't laminate it, you can simply print it out, fold it in half and stick it with your knitting notions, in your knitting bag, in your wallet.  Heck, you can even wallpaper your room.

Kitchener Stitch : Simple Steps Printable Card  (Download PDF File Here)

If you need full instructions on how to do the kitchener stitch- I've linked to a wonderful tutorial by The Purl Bee.

Go forth and kitchener without fear.

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