Monday, September 24

Craftsy Classes

Have you tried Craftsy classes?  I recently signed up for a couple, including Shoot It : A Product Photography Primer with Caro Sheriden.

Whoever thought up this format is a genius.  What a great, great idea to offer an online class where you can download materials, watch and interact with the teacher, visit with other students and see their work, PLUS (and this is huge) it never expires.  Two years from now you can look at that class again if you like.

For someone like me who is 1) introverted by nature and a definite homebody and, 2) not in a big town with a lot of knitting shops and therefore not a lot of knitting classes and, 3) in an "obscure" state as far as knitting's perfect.

I've been working on my photography skills lately anyway, so when I saw this class, I signed up!

They have a bunch of classes on a variety of subjects: Knitting, Crochet, Quilting, Embroidery, Cake Decorating, Jewelry, Papercrafts, Spinning, Weaving and on and on.  They even have a few free classes if you want to try it out first.

I'm guessing the list of classes will only grow from here, since they seem to be pretty popular.  I expect I'll be taking a few more!

Craftsy....It's a good thing.

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