Wednesday, August 8

Key Fob

This is a quick and sweet little key fob I made for my keys.

I have two sets of keys, my regular set and a set for work.  The work set has gotten smaller lately, so I didn't need such a big clunky key ring.  I like having a soft key fob since I usually carry these around in my pocket. They don't clank and clunk as much.
Left key in WDW Grenadine, right key in WDW Hibiscus
This is a tiny little key, so it only takes about 10 minutes to stitch.  I put one on each side of the fob, added a little batting in the middle and sewed it all up with a quick blanket stitch.  Easy peasy!

I used one of my favorite colors (at the moment):  Weeks Dye Works in Grenadine.  A happy color!  Fair warning though, it does bleed a bit.  So if you wet it to get rid of your water soluble marker, just spritz and don't touch!  It's the jostling and fingering that will draw the color onto the fabric.

Pinch bail & key fob; Blanket stitch in GA Harvest Moon

I added a "pinch bail" to the top to be able to add a keyring.  Just add and squeeze shut.  We'll see how durable it is:)

Download the pattern here.

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