Friday, July 27

Do you doodle?

Flickr collage - Doodles

1. doodle heart, 2. Doodle ICAD, 3. doodle, 4. doodles, 5. Doodle Design 2 start sheet, 6. doodle, 7. January Doodling 2, 8. doodle drawing 8, 9. Doodling up a storm, 10. Doodle color detail, 11. doodled flipflop, 12. Small meeting doodle, 13. Doodle drawing for L14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

I do!  And I love seeing other people's doodles.  It's always a springboard to new ideas.  Below are a couple of pages from my small sketchpad after making the collage above. (I like drawing flowers:)

Do you doodle?

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