Friday, February 10

A Llama of my very own

Well, a llama fleece, anyway.  I was gifted a beautiful llama fleece last fall, and finally got it all washed before Christmas.  Now, onto the combing!  I've combed just a wee bit of it, and it is sooooo soft and silky feeling.
Here's a small sample:

I bought this pair of combs, and they are working well.  I have at least 3 pounds of llama to comb, so I'll be at it for a while.  Yeah, poor me.  The little pile pictured above isn't even half an ounce.  Which reminds me, I really need to get a digital scale!

 photo from
I can't decide if I should leave it the natural color or dye it.  Maybe a little of both?  Hmmm...we'll have to think about that.

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